Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Love/Hate with IBM

Okay... ever since I heard that IBM is more or less responsible for the current Apple PowerPC->Intel switch, I'm a little pissed off at IBM. IBM doesn't see any profit in making thier processor faster for Apple unless Apple invests heavily in the PowerPC's development. That is to say that Apple needs to pay handsomely AND IBM will own the result, that wreaks.

It seems, from all accounts, that Apple was pretty much painted into a corner. They couldn't make the profits they wanted without the 3GHz PowerPC desktops and G5 laptops, but they would have to give up that profit to IBM. That sucks.

Okay.. so now I hate IBM because of Apple, but I love IBM because they are defending the OS community against people like SCO. My heart is torn to pieces.


Eddie said...

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Sunil Malhotra said...

There are many reasons to hate IBM if you are in India and have the misfortune of owning an IBM computer. One great reason to do so is the way their 'customer' support is organized. The reseller is your point of contact (anyone know how they appoint resellers?)and is the guy that bends backwards to convert you into an IBM owner. Then he disappears in a cloud of dust like you see in comic strips.

I am one hapless owner that can only use the IBM box as a coffee table. Customer service redefined here ...

Pardon the cliche but nobody gets fired for buying an IBM. Now I know what that means. If you can catch them you can fire them.

Sunil Malhotra said...
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