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Sony SNAP using GNUstep as it's development environment...

Sony SNAP is using GNUstep as it's development environment.   They are, apparently, going to use it as the basis for an SDK they're developing to build software for their Consumer Electronics devices, such as TVs and etc.

Here is the link:

We have been in touch with SONY about this and are very excited about the prospects.   More soon. :)

GNUstep Is Not OpenStep...

Hey guys.   I thought I would make this blog post to make a point: GNUstep is not OpenStep.  GNUstep is a Cocoa implementation and has been for quite some time.   I'm concerned that every so often in books or on blogs I see "GNUstep is an OpenStep implementation for Linux."  This statement is blatantly wrong in two different capacites: 1) GNUstep is Cocoa and 2) GNUstep works on Linux, Solaris, BSD, Windows, etc.

Let's also address a few other misconceptions.  GNUstep has been used to port a number of applications to Windows and Linux without any issues.  So when people say "GNUstep is incomplete" they, honestly, don't really know what they're talking about.  In most cases, GNUstep will contain whatever you need and, if it's not there then, for goodness sake, do the thing that supposed to be done in Free Software... implement it and contribute the code to us.

I'm beginning to wonder why so many people have trouble with this very simple conc…