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Apportable using GNUstep to port applications from iOS to Android

I just found out about a company which is using GNUstep to port applications from iOS to Android.   There website is here.   They list GNUstep as one of the projects they are using here.   Upon further discussions with them they are using GNUstep Foundation very heavily with other parts of GNUstep in other places.

I have to say I didn't expect this, but it is an awesome thing to see!

Someone Finally Said It...

Someone finally said what I've been thinking all of these years.   Though, upon reflection, I think that this comment gives Miguel way too much credit.   Something like the GNOME desktop would have started with or without Miguel.   The fact of the matter is that there were a lot of objections to Objective-C back then.   People weren't used to it's syntax.  The climate seems to have changed lately, since Objective-C has passed C++ in popularity according to a recent statistic.

I have watched for a while and observed that GNOME has successfully reinvented the wheel on so many things which OpenStep and Mac OS X already had and, indeed, which GNUstep already had many years before.  One amusing recent example was a discussion about using app wrappers in GNOME.  Something GNUstep has had since the very beginning.

At any rate, I love GNUstep.  It's always been and always will be a labor of love.

Official GNUstep presence on GitHub

I'm pleased to announce that we finally have an official presence on GitHub.  Currently the mirror updates every few minutes from the SVN repository and is a one way mirror.   That will change in the next few days.    The repository is here: GNUstep github repository.

I have been working hard to put every single GNUstep repository onto the github account that I've created for this purpose.  I should complete this task sometime today or tomorrow so that developers will have access to all of GNUstep's code.   Once I'm done with putting all of the code up (there are still 39 more "repositories" to add) I will work on the scripts to make the commits from git propagate to subversion on GNA.

This allows people who are comfortable with git to use it, should they so choose, and allows people who are comfortable with SVN to stay with SVN and gives us a presence on a site which is very popular and has lots of potentially interested developers.

Please let me know if any…