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GNUstep Mythbusting...

Myth #1: GNUstep doesn't care about or implement any of the Cocoa frameworks or classes

As illustrated by some of the comments here, people still don't understand, really, what GNUstep is all about.  Sometimes I think it's the name, and sometimes I think it's just that people are willfully ignoring the facts or just want to spew nonsense in order to sound intelligent.

GNUstep implements most of the 10.5 APIs and is currently working on some of the 10.6, 7 and 8 Cocoa APIs.   Additionally, the project has implemented CoreFoundation, CoreGraphics and CoreAnimation is upcoming.   So, please, people.  Get off of this whole "GNUstep doesn't care" thing. We care and we are implementing as much as we can.   We are roughly 20 individuals, Apple is multi-billion dollar corporation.

Myth #2: No one uses GNUstep.

Wrong again, GNUstep is currently in use in millions of devices around the world.   This company is using much of the GNUstep cod…