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Gorm 1.0 Released

Gorm 1.0 is finally released. It seems like it's taken forever to get here, but it's finally done. Thanks to all who helped. There's still more I'm going to add, so this is not the end, just a bright new beginning. :)

IB/Gorm vs. Java GUI Builders

This post appeared briefly on today

It's basically a "pointer piece" about an article on informit in which the author has reached an ephiphany about how much better InterfaceBuilder is that almost any java code generation GUI builder out there. From the article "It's lightyears ahead of anything we've got in the java world."

I'm really not sure why this is such a revelation to Java folks. I also do a lot of Java programming as a consultant and I've found that there is no inherent value to code generating gui builders. They are, in most circumstances, unweildy. Many of these GUI builders don't have the concept of palettes, which allow the expansion of the basic set of widgets available to the developer, which leaves the programmer using other widget sets from another jar library on his/her own when using those.

Have we made so little progress in the last decade that programmers STILL have to trudge around making GUIs by hand? This is …