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Nib Encoding Now Working in GNUstep

Although it's experimental at the moment it's working. As you can see here, I'm saving a nib file from Gorm to the "Cocoa Nib" format:

Here is the same nib file after being loaded into IB on OSX:

This functionality opens up all kinds of possibilities for GNUstep. It will ease porting by allowing developers to utilize one format or to easy translate from nib->gorm and vice versa. All Mac OS X developers need to do is to make sure they save the nib files as 10.2 or later, and GNUstep will be able to read the archives.

I'm going to continue refining these enhancements until they are perfected. They're very close at the moment, but like anything new they need to be shaken out a little.

Feel free to comment. Thanks, GJC


I read a blog today called "nextbuntu" it can be seen at A few things stated on the website are entirely false:

1) That GNUstep has changed the names of the classes "and everything"
GNUstep has done nothing of the sort. For all of the classes in the published API of OpenStep and Cocoa, we have used the same class names, constants, method and function names. Period. It is trivial to port applications from Cocoa or OpenStep to GNUstep so long as Carbon and the Core* libraries (for which we have no equivalent) aren't used. The only classes which use GS as a prefix are private classes which are not part of the NS (Cocoa) framework.

It's immediately apparent that no review whatsoever was done by NeXTbuntu regarding the current state of GNUstep.

2) Graphics makeover
This is something that has been on the top of my personal list, as GUI maintainer, for a long time. RIO and others have made some progress in getting this done on the t…