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Qt, Interface Builder and "Modern C++ programmers"

I just don't understand what it is about some people. While reading slashdot, I came upon this article at regdeveloper and I'm thinking to myself that it's nice to see another crossplatform library, aside from GNUstep, in the open source world, but when I get to page 3 the author pops up with this little tidbit:
In fact, on the Mac, I find the combination of Qt and C++ far more intuitive than the weird Objective-C language and the frighteningly non-intuitive Interface Builder.Whoa there... did he just say Interface Builder is unintuitive? Wow.... of all of the lame brained things I've heard Qt developers say, this really tops the list. If you take a look here.. you will see that it is quite easy to learn InterfaceBuilder, or alternatively, GNUstep's Gorm.

Interface Builder is built on one basic principle: making connections between objects. That's really it. Everything else is peripheral. "Modern" C++ programmers complain about Objective-C…