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What GNUstep is and is not....

Recent replies to my previous post on the gnustep-dev mailing list have made it necessary for me to further define what I believe GNUstep should become in the future.

GNUstep is a development environment and API, first and foremost. While GNUstep contains a few apps which comprise a minimal desktop... mainly GWorkspace... I feel as though it should not be considered as a desktop project. Yes, I know this contradicts what I said in part of my previous posting, but here's why I've had this change of heart. It is necessary for GNUstep to focus on being one thing and doing that extremely well. GNUstep's main purpose, like OPENSTEP's, is to provide a multiplatform development environment and API.

The way I see it right now, the project is divided into two camps:
The group of people who feel that GNUstep should be an API/development environmentThe group of people who feel that GNUstep needs to be a desktop and possibly a standalone OS which is a clone of OPENSTEP/NeXTST…

Plans for Change

As Chief maintainer, it is up to me to determine the direction of the project.

Over the past several years interest in GNUstep has steadily increased, but not nearly by enough. In order to reach a wider audience, GNUstep needs to do a number of things (not necessarily in priority order):

1) Adopt a more modern look. This includes the look of the windows, the color scheme and how the menus are rendered. It's okay to let that old gui go, it's not going to kill you to do so. ;) Users like things to look "good". This is entirely subjective. Personally, I think GNOME and KDE are quite ugly under the best of circumstances. To this end, we need to make integrated theming available in GNUstep and make it easy.

2) Make regular releases. Start courting different distributions to include GNUstep in their package set. Start getting the word out. Start making sure that people KNOW that GNUstep is alive and well. This, I believe, is the main reason why people have the …

Chief Maintainer for GNUstep

I have been involved with GNUstep for seven years now, since 1999. It is my great pleasure to take leadership of the project so that I can help it grow. From my first commit to NSScreen to the latest Gorm nib modifications, this project has been a labor of love for me, and it will continue to be so for many years to come.

I sincerely hope that Adam will remain a part of the project. A "thank you" hardly expresses what the project owes him. You have our deepest gratitude, Adam, for everything.