Tuesday, May 04, 2010

An Artist's Concept of GNUstep's redesigned UI

A few years back Jesse Ross came up with this concept for a new look for GNUstep.

I'm wondering if there are any ideas/looks/concepts we can glean from this which might be of use. I have always liked the general look of it.

One person I talked to about it suggested being able to "dock" the menu bar. That is... attach it to a particular place on the screen, such as the border or something so that it could act like the menu bar on OS X, if we really wanted it to. Interesting thoughts. :)


Romel R. Sandoval-Palomo said...

It looks great. Also I think OS X style menus it would be great too.

I think that the old/ugly appearance of GNUStep is the main reason why it's not attracting new developers.

GregC said...

I don't doubt it. This is one of the reasons for all of the theming work that's been going on lately. :)

ericw said...

Yeah, it's a very nice concept.

BTW, I am working on creating a GNUstep theme for another of Jesse's concepts, and it is usable right now:

Here is the mockup: http://etoileos.com/etoile/mockups/narcissus/

Brislor said...

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