Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sony SNAP using GNUstep as it's development environment...

Sony SNAP is using GNUstep as it's development environment.   They are, apparently, going to use it as the basis for an SDK they're developing to build software for their Consumer Electronics devices, such as TVs and etc.

Here is the link:

We have been in touch with SONY about this and are very excited about the prospects.   More soon. :)


Foo said...

That's fantastic news!

Will this be something like Xcode+iOS ?

the ancient said...

Since they add multi-touch support code in their SDK, I believe they also plan to replace Android in their tablet (Dash) in future. ATM they don't seem very serious about this project, hopefully they do later.

CookeeCut said...

Anything that gets Cocoa/GNUStep into the limelight is good news.

Here's to some fruitful co-operation.

Sean Stickle said...

That was ... unexpected. But pretty neat.

the ancient said...

The project was put on a hold, too bad.

GregC said...

Unfortunately, this is true according to this:


GregC said...

Currently it seems it's on hold, but not cancelled. I certainly hope to see more from Sony. In the meantime here's an interesting link:

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