Monday, September 03, 2012

Someone Finally Said It...

Someone finally said what I've been thinking all of these years.   Though, upon reflection, I think that this comment gives Miguel way too much credit.   Something like the GNOME desktop would have started with or without Miguel.   The fact of the matter is that there were a lot of objections to Objective-C back then.   People weren't used to it's syntax.  The climate seems to have changed lately, since Objective-C has passed C++ in popularity according to a recent statistic.

I have watched for a while and observed that GNOME has successfully reinvented the wheel on so many things which OpenStep and Mac OS X already had and, indeed, which GNUstep already had many years before.  One amusing recent example was a discussion about using app wrappers in GNOME.  Something GNUstep has had since the very beginning.

At any rate, I love GNUstep.  It's always been and always will be a labor of love.


DMJC said...

Just look at gnome's retarded clone of System it's scandalous really when you consider that the same development efforts would have basically delivered OSX on Linux by now if that effort had gone into GNUStep.

GregC said...

Yes, indeed. Thank you.

Gurkan said...

Thank you!

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