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ToDo for GNUstep

My personal todo list on GNUstep at the moment in no particular order:

  1. XIB v5 support, currently working on this.
  2. Complete XIB/NIB creation via Gorm
  3. NSMetadata classes
    1. Involves looking into GWorkspace to see how metadata is extracted for files and to separate this functionality out.
  4. Printing on Windows. Integration with PrintDlg and GDI Printing API on Windows.
  5. Fix issues in buildtool/xcodebuild clone.
  6. WebKit implementation/Browser using CEF+elements of SWK
  7. Class Parser bugs fixed for ProjectCenter.


Riccardo said…
Well, I did a lot of other small tweaking on windows!

The class parser is I hope, something easy to fix.

I'd love to see GUI getting more working to get SWK working as on the mac, where it is much promising, but that might be hard, we might change mac compatibility with bugs. Excepèt of course some formatting and the missing text tables, those are a must.

can we make point 8. the "menu only window" as in good ol' YellowBox for apps which don't have a document?

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